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United Kingdom rules and regulations

Road rules
  • Vehicles drive on the left hand side of the road 
  • Motorists must give way to traffic from the right at a roundabout if the roundabout  is not controlled by traffic lights 
  • An increasing number of left hand lanes, especially at roundabouts, are marked for left turn only and someone going straight on from there is likely to be put in a dangerous situation
  • The right hand lane should be used if turning right 
  • Most pedestrian crossings are now controlled by traffic lights. You must stop when the red light shows 
  • If the pedestrian crossing is not controlled by lights, pedestrians have the right of way 
  • On motorways vehicles should travel in the left hand lane except when overtaking
Driving regulations
  1. Minimum age for rental:
    • 21 years of age

    • Rental rates may be higher for renters aged 21-24

  2. Driving Licence:
    • Valid Full Driving Licence
    • International Driving Permit
    • To rent from National Car Rental a valid full driving licence for a minimum period of 12 months is required

Travel tips

Business drivers using a vehicle for work and carrying a passenger must not smoke in cars, as part of the new smoking ban in public places laws being enforced in the UK during 2007. National Car Rental has applied a fleet-wide ban on smoking in all its vehicles to help its customers adhere to this law.


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